Shanghai Geoto Creative Development Corporation is a professional supplier of gift packaging design, R&D and manufacturing. Our company has more than 16 years of professional experience in the packaging and printing industry, especially gift boxes. Our company provides design, production and processing services for almost all products based on paper material. we have provided many packaging solutions for many international and domestic well-known brands.
Our main products are high-quality folding gift boxes, shape boxes, drawer boxes, lid and base boxes, book boxes, flip top boxes, multi-layer boxes and so on. We can provide packaging solutions for many fields including cosmetics, chocolate, health products, tea, wine, etc.
We are a national high and new technology enterprise with many patents. we have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, food production license SC system certification, fsc system certification, etc.
Geoto is driven by innovation, with the core of enhancing the customer’s packaging brand image and product market value. It is committed to cosmetics, food and other industries, providing creative design integration services including packaging integration design, packaging product production, and packaging product operation. We not only value product functions, but also consider energy consumption and packaging recycling. Geoto provides innovative packaging design based on consumer lifestyle, modern trends and technological development research. Improve core competitiveness and business value through Geoto’s innovative packaging design and operation services.

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Beauty Box

Geoto has extensive R&D and customization experience in the packaging of the cosmetic product, and we can provide a variety of packaging including skincare, eye shadow, blush & highlights, hair & eyelashes, lipstick, perfume, nail arts, cosmetic set and other products, commonly used box types are book boxes, lid and base boxes, drawer boxes, shape boxes, multi-layer boxes, etc. we can custom various printing effects, surface finishing and inserts.

cosmetic gift boxes
chocolate boxes

Chocolate Box

With our high-quality product and exceptional service, Geoto has provided many chocolate packaging solutions to many well-known chocolate brands. We have SC certification and reliable product quality. Common chocolate packaging box styles include lid and base chocolate boxes, high quality folding gift boxes, shape boxes, drawer boxes and multi-layer boxes. Among the shape boxes, especially heart-shaped boxes are widely used in chocolate packaging. Unlike traditional handmade heart-shaped boxes, we can manufacture heart-shaped boxes automatically, this will improve production efficiency and product quality while reducing production costs.

Tea Box

Geoto can provide high-quality and environmentally friendly materials for tea packaging, which is both green and environmentally friendly and it could also effectively protect the tea itself. Commonly used tea gift box types include lid and base gift boxes, clamshell boxes and drawer boxes, which can be customized for various colors and printing effects. We can provide corresponding packaging solutions for tea products of different prices. We can also provide samples, which you can know more about our product quality and our production process.

tea boxes
health care product boxes

Health Care Box

We deeply understand the special attributes of health care products, generally, both outer packaging and inner inserts use high-quality environmental protection materials as raw materials for health care product packaging, and we can truly control the quality of health care product packaging from the source. Geoto can provide various customized services for the packaging of health care products. The commonly used box types are folding boxes, flip-top boxes, and lid and base boxes, they are often used in health care and weight loss related products.

Gift Box

Geoto has many years of experience in the field of customized gift box production. we are a professional designer and manufacturer of customized gift boxes. We can provide cosmetics and beauty products, chocolate boxes and other foods, tea packaging, health care product packaging, other wine and beverage packaging and other various gift box packaging design and product customization services.

gift packaging boxes
food and beverage boxes

Food and Beverage Box

We can provide the food and beverage related packaging includes dumplings, moon cakes, noodles, wine, etc. These products with Chinese localized elements are also one of our advantages. We can customize various packaging sizes, colors and styles, printing, surface finishing and inserts, we will provide professional packaging solutions for your products.