Creative Research

Geoto mainly serves in the whole process of product packaging system solution, from packaging graphic design, packaging shape and structure design, process material development, to prototype, packaging testing, and thus form a large-scale high-quality production. Through excellent design solutions and scientific production management system, we provide customers with comprehensive solutions for product packaging with high commercial value.

Geoto is always committed to the research and development and innovation of packaging product production technology, with a strong creative design and development team and creative transformation production base, can provide a variety of different packaging customization services and packaging solutions, we are also national high-tech enterprises.

ODM one-stop service

  • Strong ODM production capacity, from product development to finished product shipment, providing customers with a full set of product solutions and services.
  • Mastering the relevant laws and regulations of global markets to ensure that products meet the packaging requirements of different countries and regions.
  • Quality supplier resources accumulated over the years to ensure products have a competitive price advantage.
  • Reasonable production arrangement in the factory can ensure product quality while minimizing the production cycle.
  • Real-time follow-up and active feedback of the whole production process to ensure that customers can grasp the latest product production progress.




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